Solana Foundation

Tour de Sun '22 Signup


To sign up to be eligible for Tour de Sun '22, you must provide a wallet address to receive any potential incentive distributions and verify your corresponding validator identity. After you verify your wallet address, you will be required to review and agree to program terms in order to be eligible to participate in TdS22.

Any distributed SOL will come as a stake account with a 12-month lock. Please provide a wallet address that is compatible with receiving locked stake accounts. For details on compatible wallets and their setup, please see the FAQ.

Enter the pubkey of the validator identity you registered for Mainnet Beta for the Foundation's Delegation Program. This allows us to associate your provided wallet address with your Delegation Program registration. It does not matter if you have not yet launched your Mainnet Beta validator.

Sign a message containing your wallet address using your Mainnet Beta validator identity keypair file. This enables us to verify that only the holder of the registered private key can associate a given wallet address to their registration. Instructions on how to generate the message signature can be found here.