Solana Foundation

Mission Statement

Help build the Solana protocol into the most censorship resistant network in the world.

What is censorship resistance?

A core feature of the Solana network is the ability for everyone to have equal access to all information written to the blockchain ledger. Similarly, anyone should have equal and fair access to make changes to the ledger by submitting transactions at any time.

Censorship happens when any user or application is prevented from doing either of these things, for any reason.

A censorship resistant network is therefore one in which it becomes increasingly difficult or impossible for users to be censored either due to unintentional reasons such as computer or infrastructure failure or due to intentional reasons such as malicious activity from one or more entities on the network

A common metric for quantifying censorship resistance is the superminority. The superminority refers to the minimum number of nodes on the network that would need to be simultaneously compromised in order to censor new transactions or prevent new blocks from being added to the blockchain. As the superminority increases, so increases the security and resilience of the Solana network.

You can find Solana’s superminority here:


Fostering an open-source community to spur the development of a robust network of financial products and services to help people access and use the Solana network.

Growing the network by adding more validator nodes and increasing the superminority through delegations.

Facilitate staking by providing grants, open source reference implementations, and community support.

Opportunity through decentralization

We're opening doors to allow anyone to participate in the next phase of the internet.

The potential of a permissionless world

Global access to decentralized technology starts with networks that can support global demand with seamless performance. Today, only Solana does this.

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Executive Directors of the Foundation

  • Lily Liu
  • Daniel Albert

Solana Foundation Council Members

  • Patrick von Felten
  • Leopold Schabel
  • Mable Jiang
  • Raj Gokal
  • Wolfgang Albrecht