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A robust community of independent validators forms the backbone of the Solana network. The Solana Foundation strives to support the growth of this community while encouraging high performance, decentralized and secure node operations. Toward these goals, the Solana Foundation has committed to strategically delegating stake from its treasury in an effort to promote decentralization of the network.

Validators who choose to apply for the Solana Foundation’s Delegation Program may be eligible to receive a stake delegation from the Solana Foundation.

A validator node must meet certain performance and decentralization criteria in order to receive the stake delegation from the Solana Foundation. Delegation sizes are dynamically adjusted based on an eligible validator’s performance.

Check out a complete description of our Delegation criteria

For more information on this program please see the FAQ

Interested in the program? Here is a step by step walkthrough of what to expect after you apply.


Create your validator identity keys for Testnet and Mainnet Beta

Step 1

Apply for the Foundation Delegation Program and pass KYC

Step 2

Start your Testnet validator

Step 3

Start voting

Not sure how to start voting on Testnet?

Step 4

Get added to Testnet stake bot

Your Testnet validator will automatically be added to the Testnet stake bot in the order you registered for the Delegation Program. 100 Testnet validators are added weekly. It may take a few months to be added.

Step 5

Start producing blocks

Continue voting well and start producing blocks on Testnet

Step 6

Earn Bonus stake by the Testnet stake bot

Earn Bonus stake and watch the epochs of Bonus performance stack up!

Step 7

Get onboarded onto the Delegation Program

Step 8

Attract stake delegations from external parties

Work with other validators, stake pool managers, and community members to learn how to attract external stake from other delegators

Step 9

Give back to the community. Stay involved. Don’t be a stranger!

Ask your technical questions on Discord

Keep up with the community on Twitter

Get the latest updates on our Blog

Step 10

Stay in the loop

In the loop 1

Learn more about when you’ll be onboarded by reading about the criteria

In the loop 2

Learn more about the Foundation Program

In the loop 3

Subscribe to Discord and Twitter alerts to learn more about any changes in requirements

Still have questions?

Visit our FAQ